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How to feel at home away from home?

Rent an apartment or home for the holidays

Choose from hundreds of homes throughout South Riviera of Albania.
Due to the work of our agents on different tourist regions of  the South Albania, our agency now offers a huge choice of accommodation for your holidays . Each of our holiday rental practice a very specific knowledge of the goods it offers. You choose the area that suits you best: Vlora city Or Vlora coast, Zvernec, Radhime, Orikum, Tragjas, Llogara, Dhermi, Himare, Qeparo, Saranda or Ksamil.

Depending on the type of holiday you want to go, there will inevitably be more suitable housing than others!
But how to select them? What area to which budget? How to avoid unpleasant surprises?

Many questions to be asked … and that professionals can help you answer.

The holidays are a long-awaited moment, it would be a shame not prepare them well!
Choosing the right location is one of the things not to be missed. Whether you dream of mountain, sea, river or countryside, know accurately determine your needs, your expectations.
Once these requirements are established, you can begin your search.

Our Agency has all the tools necessary to determine the fair price of a rental by its location, its popularity, its proximity to entertainment, shopping, attractions of each region.